Hi Everyone! We’ve been blessed with some really heavy rain in the last few days. This is actually good news because we haven’t had much rain and I’ve been out watering a lot. The garden definitely knows the difference between natural rain and water from a hose. Outside looks lush and tropical. Everything has perked up and I’m able to gather flowers from all the new growth.

I decided to try another blue and white table setting. The dark blue tablecloth is a recent acquisition and is such a rich color I couldn’t resist trying it with some white and blue dishes.

In this case the plate stack is very simple. I started with a Villeroy & Boch white wave plate. I like these because they have a lot of motion in the design of the plate and they are such a smooth look in contrast to the dark blue tablecloth. Stacked on top of the wave plate is another Villeroy & Boch plate that I found recently. It is called Tipo Blue.com kind of an odd name and a bit on the rare side. The pattern is discontinued. Dark blue dots are scattered on a lighter blue background around the rim of the plate with a white center and white outside edge. Next is a blue and white pottery soup bowl. I have a couple of different patterns in pottery soup bowls. Couldn’t decide which one I like best so used them both.

Options are nice and make for a more interesting table if everything doesn’t match exactly but is in the same color family. The small plates unify the soup bowls.

The wine glasses are Vera Wang and are really gorgeous. They add a touch of elegance to the table setting and pick up on the cut glass vase in the center of the table. It was exciting to find 8 white and 8 red wine glasses together. I will enjoy using them for a long time.

I decided to keep the flatware simple. This silver-plated set has a beautiful curve to the handles that echo the wave pattern in the china dinner plate. Movement is really a nice addition to a table setting. The simplicity contrasts with the more elaborate crystal. Makes a nice juxtaposition of elements.

I looked on-line and found this cute napkin fold. It was pretty easy to do and sits upright on the table. I added a single flower to each napkin to emphasize the white dinner plates and pull the white and blue together. The white stitching in the napkin becomes more apparent when you add the white flower.

Add a beautiful centerpiece of flowers in white and blue with a pop of color to the center of the table. I started with this gorgeous crystal vase. It has a lot of intricate details on the base and then flows upward to a cut glass scalloped rim. When you add blue and white hydrangea, camellias, and rose carnations for that pop of color you don’t need anything else on your table. The vase is fairly tall so when you are seated the flowers are above eye level and don’t interfere with seeing the person seated across form you.

I’ll leave you with an overhead view of the table. The different blues and whites blend together and are picked up and distributed around the table. The deep rose color draws your eye to the center. I love how this came together. Blue and white is becoming one of my favorite combinations. Try this color scheme at your home and see how it works. This table from the tablecloth up was thrifted.

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