Hi Everyone and welcome to the Blog today. As most of you know I am a big thrifter and go frequently to the local Thrift Stores. I tend to share the bigger finds with you so I thought today I would post the results of a more typical Thrift Store outing. It’s exciting to find something really spectacular but you will more often find really useful items. I’m not including the linens, although I found some wonderful placemats and table runners as well as some tablecloths but that will be for another day.

The first item is this very sweet Lenox, Winter Greetings, tray. This will be great to use during the holiday season. I always pick up seasonal items when I see them no matter what time of year.

Next, I found this great set of Mercury Glass candlesticks. They are made for pillar and regular candles. The candlesticks are in great shape and you can see how bright they are and how they reflect the light. When I found them that was not the case. They were dull, dirty and greasy to the touch. I’m sure a lot of shoppers would not have bothered with them. Soap and water is your friend for thrifted items. If you can wash it, don’t be put off by the appearance. Check to make sure there are no chips or scratches and bring it home. Once you clean the item it looks really good and you will have a great find to use in your home.

This book is by Edward Gorey, the fellow who does the beginning art segment for PBS Mystery. You know the one with the tombstone and the fainting Victorian lady. The book is really interesting and done in the same black and white style…..also a first edition. A nice bonus. Had to bring it home. Books are a great thing to look for at the Thrift Store. Children’s books, fiction, and non fiction, table top books can all be found and are usually in good condition.

I find a lot of kitchen tools at the Thrift Store. This is a very wide spatula for pizza or focaccia bread, etc. It is in great shape with a nice wooden handle. Wash it in soap and water and you have a great kitchen item.

I purchase almost all my bowls at the Thrift Store. This is a very large white bowl with a pretty scalloped edge made in Italy. It is dishwasher and microwave safe made from porcelain. It makes a great salad or mixing bowl.

Finally, I found some really nice dish storage containers in one of my favorite small Thrift Stores. They are really clean and will work well for the many glasses and china plates I tend to pick-up.

Two of the storage boxes are made for glasses and one for plates. I was very excited to find these at such wonderful prices. I picked up a set of padded plate storage bags a couple of weeks ago. I always look for them as they are quite expensive for the nicely padded bags.

So nothing spectacular since the Vera Wang glasses find but lots of useful items in great condition that will be excellent to use around the house. Hope you have some successful thrifting excursions this week.

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