Hi Everyone and welcome to this simple pre-Summer table setting. I haven’t been using my dining room lately because it is filled with my Daughter’s belongings. We are staging her things here while she waits for her new apartment to be ready in a few more weeks. Most of my decorating has been confined to a couple of rooms. Perhaps because the rest of the house is a bit chaotic, I opted for a simple table setting for today.

The centerpiece was really the starting point for today. These flowers have lasted several weeks so I wanted to use them one more time. They still look beautiful and healthy in their cut crystal vase. The whites with dark and light pinks accented by varying shades of green set the tone for the table setting. The crystal vase was a thrifted item.

I wanted to choose napkins with the same color scheme and motif. I’ve had these for awhile and really like how they bloom with huge flowers on one side and have a striped pattern on the other. It’s like putting two napkins together without the extra bulk. I used a simple wrought iron napkin ring and then folded the napkin over top of the ring to expose the two patterns.

The plate stack is very simple starting with a white Hobby Lobby charger. The dinner plate is by Susan Cooper as is the bread and butter plate. The white background has a rim of flowers and leaves in a rusty pink color with green. The outer rim has a beautiful scalloped edge in the same green. The plates are cozy and remind me of cottage gardens filled with flowers. The salad/dessert plate is Mikasa’s Ultima + in Antique white. The simple raised scalloped border is a nice counter to the flower border and matches the white of the charger. It’s simple but eye-catching.

No matter the simplicity of the setting, I still really enjoy beautiful crystal. Rockford by Noritake is the fluted water goblet. The beautiful facets really reflect light and I love the lines of this glass. It is countered by the relative clear glass look on this balloon wine glass by Calvin Klein. The only decorative element are the thin lines that circle the glass horizontally drawing attention to the large bowl of the glass. Together they represent two thoughts on crystal and add interest to the table.

I kept the silver-plated flatware simple with a small flower at the point of each handle. It carries the flower theme forward but keeps the feel a little more casual.

Here’s the overhead shot showing the distribution of colors and shapes around the table setting. Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? There can never be too many flowers.

The green tablecloth grounds the table setting. It was thrifted a few months ago. In my area linen tablecloths are about $2.40 each. Why wouldn’t you use them to set a great table? Then you just wash them and use them again.

It’s nice to have the garden in the background and more flowers in the room. This is my favorite indoor spot with such good access to the outdoors from the large windows. A peaceful way to start the day or to end it.

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