Welcome to the Blog today Everyone! I put together a table setting using a leaf inspired motif and some gold and silver accents. Lighter colors and nature inspired themes always make good ideas for table settings. In this thrifted tablescape I used some things I picked up recently at the Thrift Store.

A blue tablecloth and this floral pick were the basis for the table. The tablecloth is a fairly recent find and the floral picks from just a week or so ago. I wanted something a little different so thought it might be fun to use these large picks as placemats. They have just a bit of a silver caste to them.

The plate stack consists of three different patterns. The large dinner plate is Mikasa’s Ultima + in antique white. The raised, scalloped rim adds interest to the simplicity of the plate. Pottery barn salad/dessert plates are placed on the dinner plates. They are inscribed with gold butterflies and words such as Laughter and Pleasure also In gold. A narrow gold band outlines the outer rim and the words and butterflies come to the edge of the plate. The sentiments expressed indicate a happy gathering. Finally, a Villeroy & Boch small plate with a large rim adorned in blue with darker dots tops the stack. All the plates are recent acquisitions.

I used a silver goblet to pick up the silver in the “place mat” …..a little extra sparkle never hurts. The silver goblet is paired with two different cut glass wine glasses. Two of the glasses are by Mikasa, not sure what the pattern is called but it has lovely crosshatches cut into the glass. The second is a Marquis cut glass wine glass by Waterford. Using different wine glasses can add a sense of whimsy and interest to the table. The silver goblets offer a unifying element to the table setting.

Napkins were folded into a leaf shape and held at the base with a pale green napkin ring. The napkins are two-sided and alternate around the table.

The flatware is two-toned gold and silver. The silver is on the inside of the handles that are rimmed in gold. The flatware picks up and enhances the silver goblet and the gold in the plates as well as the silver in the placemats.

I added a pottery vase in two shades of blue with white accents. It holds purple, blue and white hydrangea, the colors in the place setting.

The table is open with lots of blue and green color showing. The silver and gold accents show up in the light from the window and the overhead light.

Looking across the tableau you can see how peaceful the table looks with the windows and the flowers in the background.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. See how the embellishments point to the center of the table.

The table setting worked out well using an unusual place mat. All the items in this table setting are thrifted. Love how thrifted items can be used to create some really interesting settings.

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