Hey Everyone and welcome to the blog today. I have a short one for you as we enter into the weekend. I was out thrifting….big surprise!….this week and ran across something I had not seen before. Made from reasonably sturdy glass this collection of bud vases is cast together in two pieces.

The bottom piece consists of 18 bud vases in two rows. Next is a small glass round plate that nestles in the center of the 18 vases. Sitting on top of the plate is a second cluster of seven bud vases. Altogether you have a total of 25 bud vases clustered into a round centerpiece formation.

Once the vase pieces were washed I added some flower food to each vase. The water was added to each bud vase using a small pitcher.

I began by adding flowers to the bottom tier. I wanted to keep the delicacy of the structure so I added flowers one at a time. It ended up looking best with little nosegays in each bud vase.

Once the bottom tier was filled I added the glass plate and then the top tier and filled it with flowers.

It was quite pretty. I think with a little experimentation and practice I will discover the best look for this centerpiece.

You can see that the light comes through the centerpiece keeping the setting quite delicate and airy.

These centerpieces are a bit on the rare side so I felt fortunate that all the pieces were there and in good condition. A fun piece that allows for some flower creativity.

……and a little more flower therapy from the garden to the house…….

Flowers from the garden…..hydrangea in mason jars in the window. A cluster of flowers from the garden in a wooden box and a bouquet in a crystal vase. It is really wonderful to have fresh flowers brightening the house.

They are such a beautiful addition and lift the soul. Hope you all are able to enjoy this weekend with family and friends.

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