Do you ever wonder why you are inspired to collect the things you do? Welcome to the Blog today for a look at Thrift Store Serving Bowls. There is something about a good bowl that really gets my heart thumping. It’s one of the first things I look for at a Thrift Store and one of the treasures I find most exciting. I think it has to do with the never ending line of a circle or an oval that creates this perfect shape. The shape is pleasing and comforting as well as being functional which makes my practical soul very happy.

Today I’m sharing with you some serving bowls I’ve acquired over the last few months. All are Thrift Store Finds and all came at those great Thrift Store prices.

I’ll begin with this 14″ serving bowl from Mikasa’s Italian Countryside. It’s a pretty pattern with a raised rim and because of its white color is a very versatile piece. I use this for serving stir fry, pastas, and rice dishes. It holds enough to serve 4 – 6 and looks lovely on the table. It has the advantage of going with most table settings. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. A distinct advantage.

Pottery Barn’s, Great White 2, series of white bowls is pictured above. The smaller bowl is 12″ and the larger one is 14 1/2″. I almost always pick up anything I find that is in good condition and has the Pottery Barn label. If I ever want to sell it, I know it will bring a pretty good price and they always look lovely on the table. These bowls are a little deeper than the Mikasa bowl. I use them for pasta, salad, vegetables, etc. Again, because they are white, they go with pretty much any table setting and are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. All the bowls are in perfect condition with no chips, scratches or cracks. I remember when I found these they were extremely dirty, somewhat off-putting. Remember, dirt washes off and what looks kind of disgusting cleans up beautifully. If I had passed on them because of the grime, I would have missed out on a great set of high end bowls.

I’m a big fan of pottery bowls. Love their rustic look and the earthiness they bring to a table. They are also functional as well as beautiful and incorporate lots of different colors. I tend to stay in the blue and green color families when I purchase pottery. That way they kind of blend together and I can use multiple non-matching pieces together. This bowl is 14 1/2″ across and is pretty deep. Makes a great salad bowl, pasta bowl and sometimes I use it for mixing Potpourri. It has a maker’s mark on the bottom but I am not familiar with the mark and haven’t been able to find it. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate a “heads up”. The deep green section of the bowl adds some interest to the neutral background. There’s a hint of pink in the bottom of the bowl, like a blush. Really like the ridged lines that come up the sides of the bowl.

The last serving bowl I’m sharing with you today is made by a North Carolina potter named Garry Childs. He has an online presence so you can look him up. The first picture is a truer depiction of the color of the bowl. but the middle picture shows you the geometric pattern in greater detail. The bowl is 18″ across so quite large with a medium depth. The bottom of the bowl is pebbled and adds a lot of interest to the geometric design over the rest of the bowl. It’s really quite striking. It is in perfect condition….no chips, scratches or marring of the surface. This is an impressive bowl for whatever you want to serve…..a salad, vegetables, pastas or rice dishes….. all work well. The bowl can accommodate enough food for a group of people. The dark green/blue color works with lots of different china and can go rustic or more upscale.

Next time you’re visiting your local thrift store, estate sale or flea market give a thought to the serving bowls you see. Which ones would work in your home? Function and Form…..two significant elements bowls can add to your home decor.

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