Hello Everyone and welcome! I had such a surprise when I went outside today. In a corner of the yard, relatively shaded and out of sight, were these amazing Amaryllis blooms. I remember having one stalk last year but this year there are six or seven separate stalks of blooms in this gorgeous red color. I had to pick them and bring them inside so we could enjoy these beautiful flowers.

Once I had them settled in a vase I thought, “I can do a tablescape with the Amaryllis blooms as the stars.”

I started with a table cloth and some glasses. Now the tablecloth is not really a tablecloth but a twin quilt in a yellow and white stripe. It seemed perfect to add texture and a neutral background with some soft and classic color to the table. The green glasses are a new find this week and are hand blown with the pontil mark on the bottom. I loved the ridged look to the glasses adding some circles and some additional texture to the table. They are paired with the Calvin Klein glasses I found a few weeks ago. It seems that the huge Amaryllis blooms need a large bowl on the wine glass so the glasses don’t appear overwhelmed. The Calvin Klein glasses also have a circular motif and a bit of texture.

I felt it was important to repeat the color of the Amaryllis in the plate stack. I chose Pier 1 dishes with really large blooms that pick-up the color from the center of the table and bring it all the way to the outside edge. The colorful plates sit on a Villeroy and Boch wave plate in white adding some movement to the setting. The charger is by Lenox, Garden of Poppies, and ties in with the green glasses while corralling the exuberance of the flower plates.

Everything needed to be a bit larger than life so I selected this beautiful silver-plated flatware for its large and well-defined pattern of flowers. The napkin, a new find, turned out to be the same base color as the Amaryllis blooms……how lucky was that. The design on the napkins also boasts exuberant flowers so fits in well. The simple green porcelain napkin ring confines that exuberance to the table and ties in with the charger.

Here you can see the crystal vase that holds the Amaryllis and it looks good with the other pieces on the table. After looking over the whole setting I realized that the color was being drawn away from the centerpiece instead of making the Amaryllis the “Star” of the table.

To bring the eye back to the center and focus on the flowers I placed the vase on a small dessert plate in the wave pattern and that went on a patterned and colorful small plate that went on a rattan charger in the color of the Amaryllis blooms. It’s kind of a reverse of the plate stack but ties the two together without matching exactly.

Here’s a look at an entire place setting tied into the center plate stack.

An overhead view of the table setting. You can see how large the flowers are.

Even though the centerpiece is quite large your view to the person sitting across from you is not blocked. The table still has a feeling of space.

The Amaryllis is definitely the main feature of the table setting but the other pieces create a cohesiveness that is somehow soothing while still bringing a bit of excitement to the whole.

This was such fun to put together. I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed creating this one.

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