Welcome to the Blog today for a little flower and vintage wine box therapy. Sometimes when you find something kind of cool all it takes is a little clean-up and some re-imagining to gain a great piece of decor.

This is an easy how-to that I hope you’ll enjoy.

I started with this great pine wine box from Silver Oak Cellars. I didn’t buy the box there but found it on our travels. It has some very nice graphics on the box with the Vineyard depicted and the name clearly carved on the sides. It was a bit beat up and the wood quite dry but that could all be fixed. The lid slides out of a groove on the topside of the wine box allowing for things to be placed inside.

I just applied a wood cleaner and wood moisturizer…..Liquid Gold. In the pictures above you can see the difference it makes in the color of the wood. It also made the graphics more prominent. I allowed the box to dry thoroughly.

Next, I gathered together 5 mason jars found at the Thrift Store. I went into the garden and gathered together some seasonal flowers and distributed them amongst the five jars. I used Japanese Iris, yarrow (yellow and orange), chive flowers, lemon balm and azaleas. I didn’t need very many for each jar.

After distributing the flowers and arranging them I placed the jars in the box side-by-side.

Then I slid the lid closed allowing about a 5″ gap for the flowers to come through. The flowers look as if they are growing in the box spilling out of the box and over the edges in a carefree, jubilant manner. These bright country flowers enhance the beauty of the wine box and create a statement.

The box and flowers are quite beautiful without being formal….just really friendly. Wine boxes are great things to look for in the Thrift Store. Give this one a try. You’ll find it makes a beautiful centerpiece.

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