Welcome back to the blog. We are going to be cooking and assembling our mushroom burgers. I’ll also link to the posts showing how to make the toppings and sides. These are wonderfully tasty burgers and sides that are easy to make and impressive to serve. hope you give them a try.

Portobello Mushroom Caps

Pre-heat grill to 450 F. Spray grill.

Brush caps with pastry brush removing any remaining soil.

Remove stems from mushroom caps

You can spray caps with a little olive oil or not. Your choice.

Place on grill so rounded part of mushroom faces up. Cook for 5-7 minutes.

Flip mushroom caps.

Fill mushroom caps with roasted red pepper. Cook on grill additional 2-4 minutes until caps are done. Add cheese and allow to melt. Mushrooms are done so remove from grill.

Now it’s time to assemble the mushrooms. Look at how gorgeous our Cajun Sweet Potato Fries are. Recipe here: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/cajun-sweet-potato-fries

Start with the Aoili. You can find the recipe here: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/aoili-for-mushroom-burgers

Next add the butter with roasted red pepper and blue cheese. Roasted Red Pepper Recipe is here: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/roasted-red-peppers

Then a few pickled red onions go on top fo the red pepper. You can find the recipe here:


Finally add lettuce basil and parsley with some Aoili spread on the top bun. Put it together and you have one terrific burger.

I’ll show you how they looked with the fries on our table. The napkins are made into little shirts. Cute for a barbecue.

Would probably serve this with beer or iced tea or lemonade. Assemble additional burgers as you need them. You can keep everything hot in a 200 F. oven until ready to assemble. Hope you try this Protobellow Mushroom Burger with Toppings and Sides. It’s delicious.


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