Flowers upon flowers upon flowers…..welcome to the blog today! I have some new thrifted finds to share with you in the form of a tablescape with lots and lots of flowers. My garden is really coming into its own as Spring progresses and more and more plants begin to share their glorious blooms. The table settings are blooming too with things I’ve found in the last month or so.

The foundation for this tablescape is the pretty floral tablecloth in pinks, violets and greens. It is a burst of florals vining across a white background. I found the table cloth at a Thrift Store for under $3. Also shown in the picture above is a cup and saucer. I like to collect these when I see them. I don’t think people use random cups and saucers as much as they used to but I really like the look on the table.

I was so excited to find these wonderful porcelain chargers in pink and green at Red Ribbon Thrift Store. They pick-up the greens in the tablecloth and provide a foundation for the flowered plates that come next. The dinner plate is Provincial Designs by Nikko. As you can see in the picture the design of flowers on the rim of the plate is against a white background with a thin green line around the edge of the rim. These are really pretty and summery…..just what you need for a flowered tablecloth. Resting in the center of the Nikko plates are another flowered plate with scalloped edges. The center of the plate, Karlsbad China from Czechoslovakia, is white but the rim has a soft green caste to the china. It, also, has a thin line running around the rim of the plate. Flowers spill from the rim of the plate into the center. Really pretty and it picks up the greens in the chargers and the tablecloth. Lastly, a pink and white napkin folded into a rose completes the flower theme in the plate stack.

Here you can see the plate stack using one of the green chargers. It changes the look and intensifies the greens in the plates. Alternating green and pink chargers gives the table an interesting flow that breaks up all the pink.

I was lucky to find these gorgeous silver-plate flatware pieces in a plastic bag in the back of a cupboard in a Thrift Store this week. They are by Rogers Bros. and the pattern is called Flair. The bag contained 5-piece place settings for four with extra teaspoons and serving spoons. It was really inexpensive and I love how the handles curve and “flair” out. Simple but attractive. They give the eye a bit of a rest from all the flowers.

Calvin Klein and Lenox glasses grace the table. Love the long stems on both of these glasses. The feel is the same even though the patterns are different.

I tried a couple of different centerpiece ideas. The first was a gorgeous pink and white orchid I received for Mother’s Day. Love how it carries your eye up and adds a sense of space and height to the table. It is wrapped in purple netting which picks up the purple flowers in the tablecloth.

The next option was a bouquet of mixed flowers. Peonies from the garden made up the base of this arrangement. I used a couple of faux flowers to fill out the bouquet. Mixing fresh and faux is a great way to create a larger bouquet.

My daughter turned this into a great Afternoon Tea Setting. The three tiered tray was another thrifting find and she added the scrumptious chicken salad lettuce boats, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and smoked salmon and cream cheese with dill sandwiches. We had a selection of croissants with jam and then some strawberries to finish off the tea.

My Lenox, Butterfly Meadow, teapot, creamer and sugar can be seen in the back left of the photo. These were also a Thrift Store find a couple of years ago. I’ve been looking for the matching plates ever since. The tea set is really pretty and has a butterfly resting on the lid of the teapot.

We all really enjoyed Afternoon Tea.

Here’s an overhead view of the table without the tea things. Do you think there are enough flowers? LOL

Here’s a close-up of the lettuce boats and the cucumber sandwiches. A basketweave of cucumbers was created for the top of the sandwich and some fresh basil was sprinkled on top. Delicious!

This is the tea table setting from overhead.

It always amazes me…..what people throw away. I’m really grateful, too, because it gives me an opportunity to give them a new home where they are cherished and used to create beautiful settings to share with those I love. Hope you all have some great thrifting adventures this week.

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