Hello Everyone and welcome to the blog today. I am excited to put together a thrifted table setting for you using some newly found dishes. I discovered them at a local Miracle Hill Thrift Store in a set of four dinner plates and four salad/dessert plates. The maker is Royal Doulton and the pattern is Rio. These are part of the Royal Doulton every day series which means they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The dishes are quite lively and have some movement to them as you follow the leaf pattern around the rim of the plates. A number of colors are incorporated in the dishes including blue, turquoise, orangey/gold and a rust color. The plates have white centers. I loved how the dessert plate nestles into the dinner plate and carries the colors forward. It is almost a continuation of the rim of the dinner plate. I have a Mikasa, Park Lane, crystal sherbert/shrimp cocktail crystal dish resting on top.

The plate stack is a simple one. It begins with a bamboo charger followed by the Rio dinner plate and salad plate. Finally the crystal dish is set on top. Very simple and casual.

The paisley tablecloth was chosen to reflect the colors in the china. The golds and turquoise colors in the tablecloth are really pulled out by the Royal Doulton plates.

Neutral napkins in another color reflected in the tablecloth are used. Pottery napkin rings pulling in the green and rust colors enhance the place setting.

I used my everyday Fiddlehead stainless from Pottery Barn years ago as I wanted to keep this a little more casual.

I kept the centerpiece simple as well. A purple orchid in a pot wrapped with purple gauze is situated between two crystal candlestick holders that sport purple candles. The purple color is reflected in the dinner plates and ties them together.

Everyday water and wine glasses by Mikasa complete the table setting. The wine glass is a bit taller than usual and is referred to as a Hock wine glass. Hock is a term that was used in Germany to refer to white wines and this type of glass would be used to hold the wine. I read that it was often more for display than drinking. They look quite elegant on your table.

Here’s an overhead view of the table setting. Casual and fun was what I was going for in a sort of elegant way. LOL

When you set your table it’s a good idea to look around the rest of the room to see how you can tie the tablescape to the decor. On this occasion I was able to pick up the colors in one of the watercolors on the focal wall and reflect it in the centerpiece. An added bonus. Hope you have a great week and set some beautiful tables.

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