Hi! Welcome to the Blog today. I’ve been thinking about a Mother’s Day Tablescape that would be simple but a bit upscale and decided to try my hand at a little flower centerpiece for the occasion. As you can see from the picture above my container is an English character teapot depicting “A Round of Golf”. I don’t know too many families who would be playing golf on Mother’s Day so it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

I decided to use wet foam as the base in the teapot so the flowers would stay where I put them….always a challenge. This is the preferred method. Fill a basin with water, add some flower food and float the Oasis Foam in the water until it sinks of it’s own accord.

The foam was fitted into the teapot. You can see the happy family out golfing together. I just love the English Character Teapots. I have the lid safely stored elsewhere.

Next I began adding leaves from one of my indoor plants (a philodendron) around the base of the foam and coming down the sides of the teapot. My plant needed a little trimming so this seemed a perfect use for the excess foliage.

Next I added the tallest central flower to the center of the foam. I flanked the next largest flowers on either side of the central stem.

Smaller flowers were added around the primary stems to balance the arrangement. If you look closely into the center of the arrangement, you can see green foam. Once I had all the flowers placed I added additional leaves to prevent the foam from being seen. It didn’t take but a few.

Here additional leaves have been added in layers so the flowers seem to be emerging from the leaves.

The final result is a nicely balanced, small centerpiece. You can see that the flower colors mimic the pants and shirt depicted on the golfer and the green picks up the green grass on the golf course.

Hope you indulge in a little flower therapy for your Mother’s Day table. Have fun creating your perfect flower centerpiece.

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