Hello Everyone and welcome to the blog today. Yesterday was such a great gardening day that I moved my indoor Winter Herb Garden outside and planted the herbs in the garden. It was such fun filling in a few spots with some really tasty herbs knowing that they will probably grow better outside then in. In the Fall, as it moves towards Winter, I’ll dig some up from the yard or purchase some herbs from the nursery and set-up the indoor herb garden once again.

However, planting the herbs left me with some empty space near the Morning Room window.

As you can see in the pictures above, it’s a narrow space in front of the windows that arches out into the room in a curve. The room overlooks the back garden and the bird feeders so it’s a pretty view out the window.

I decided to start with this really wonderful French Vintage Trolley that I found this week at the Thrift Store. It is made of solid wood and wrought iron so it’s quite heavy. I wanted to place it where it could be seen as it’s an interesting piece. I positioned the trolley at one end of the shelf to anchor that end.

Next I added another vintage piece that fits with the transportation theme I think I’m developing here. This train was also thrifted a couple of years ago and was in need of some repairs. Thanks go to my hubby who brought this handmade gem back to life. When he was finished with the repairs I brought out the wood stains and gave it some character by adding appropriate colors to the various cars. The train is carrying a cargo of napkin rings that I can use when setting the table.

After the train was in place I added the rather quirky sculpture of an artist running with her paints and brushes in hand. Maybe she’s running to catch the trolley for a painting session on the Seine? The train passes small houses on the way to the station.

Some glass trees are added to the window sill and a plant or two to help draw your attention to the outdoors.

Here you can see the window from the train’s perspective. Simple mason jars filled with flowers grace the window sill. The passengers will disembark and head straight to the trolley for the next part of their journey.

Here you can look back down the train from the viewpoint of the trolley.

The birds are completely oblivious to all that is taking place indoors and are enjoying breakfast at the feeders. Breakfast….now there’s a good idea! Enjoy.

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