Welcome to Thrifting Wonderland for today’s blog about using those Thrift Store finds to create some fun and unique table settings. Everything on the table today is thrifted and most of it in the last month or two.

Let’s start with this gorgeous round tablecloth made of heavy fabric with a green trellis-like design throughout the dark green background. The border which is shown just a bit in the bottom left corner of the picture is a contrasting fabric in a rolled hem technique. The design is shot with gold and so is quite dramatic on the table.

Next comes the plate stack. I had a lot of fun with this and some recent plate acquisitions. I began with a gold foil glass charger which picks up the gold in the tablecloth. I used the Jewel by Spode as the dinner plate because of all the great texture showing around the rim of the plate and then the surprise flower in the center when you remove the other plates.

Limoges herbal plates came next. I wanted to add a little more color and these will be used as the bread and butter plates. They pick up the green and because of the yellow around the rim tie-in with the gold in the charger and the tablecloth.

Finally, I used these really pretty plates that echo the Spode flowers, the green and gold color scheme and they are a little bit exotic looking. Maybe a bit of a Chinese influence. They are unmarked.

I just loved these super silver-plated stemware. The goblets are marked but I can’t quite decipher the maker and the wine glasses are by International Silver Company. They polished up beautifully and look great on the table.

I found these lovely beaded linen napkins that are a little bit different. I used a heavy gold-plated napkin ring to hold the napkin in place. It picks up the gold in the tablecloth which you can see in the background.

The flatware is a mix of gold and silver that I got from Goodwill. It was a service for 12 with serving pieces that pull together the gold and silver theme.

I thought it would be fun to use peacocks on the table with their green and gold tails. They are bringing silver gifts to those who will be sitting at the table.

This was a really fun tablescape to put together with some old and some new thrifted items. Check your stashes and see what you can come up with. My family will enjoy our pretty straight forward meal in a slightly exotic setting tonight.

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