Good Day Everyone! I do hope you are having a great day. I wanted to share this homemade changeable focal wall with you. I just spent a pleasant hour changing out my display for this room so thought you might be interested in this technique for changing the look of your room.

It’s a bit difficult to see in this picture but my clever hubby put these narrow plate rack shelves together for me out of three pieces of wood. There is a back piece, a piece that the plates/pictures will rest on and a piece that prevents the plates/pictures from falling off. Each shelf cost about $25 to make.

You simply cut the wood to the dimensions for your wall. Nail and wood glue the pieces together. Next paint and mount them on the wall into the studs. Sounds easy. Actually, he put these together pretty quickly and they work beautifully.

I asked him to make three different shelves for me and then he mounted them about two feet apart on the wall. This is a smaller breakfast room so there’s not a lot of space for things to stand on the floor. I also wanted to be able to change the display seasonally or just for interest. This way I can change the display pieces as often as I like without putting holes in the wall or remeasuring. I just remove one display and put up another one.

For this display I chose to feature birds and watercolors. The birds are mostly on beautiful English and American plates that I’ve picked up in the past few years (mostly from Thrift Stores). The watercolors are from places we’ve traveled to in the past little while. We like to buy a painting as a souvenir of a vacation in a place we’ve enjoyed.

Above is a painting of a typical abandoned Irish cottage. Love the muted tones that remind us of the greens in the Irish countryside.

These three plates are a few of the ones displayed amidst the watercolors. The musical cats are a fun addition to the more “serious” bird plates. I wonder if those cats are contemplating a bird dinner when they finish playing?

Sometimes larger paintings and photographs from our trips are displayed. The beauty of this type of system is that you can put up whatever you like without holes to fill or exact measurements to make.

You can have a Christmas theme like this one. Here I displayed my collection of Fitz and Floyd holiday plates with some cross stitch pieces that represent aspects of the holiday season.

Hope this gives you some ideas for displaying plates and art work in your home. Once the shelves are assembled and mounted on the wall you can easily change the feel of the room by simply changing a plate. Enjoy!

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