Welcome to this bedroom makeover. Our guest room is not a particularly large spaces we had to work a bit to make it feel both spacious and welcoming. The room has two floor to ceiling windows that let in a lot of light during the day. We chose to put blinds on the windows that allow light to filter in. We have a queen size bed by Ethan Allen in a shaker style. I like the simplicity of the lines of the bed and the height the posts give to the room.

The windows are dressed with silken drapery panels in old gold by Pottery Barn. They are lined and hank beautifully from the curtain rod. The drapes fit beautifully on this long wall. I found them in a thrift store for less than $12 for all four panels. I couldn’t believe my luck. Silk drapes are very expensive, rightly so, but look incredible on a window.

The poster that hangs over the head of the bed is another Thrift Store find. I really loved the Art Deco style of the poster. I picked up the colors and the lines in the poster and you will see them reflected in the rest of the room.

Glass lamps with swirling colors in the same hues as the poster sport simple white shades. They are three-way lamps…. great for reading in bed. They were also found at the thrift Store. A Picasso reproduction painting in the same colors is hung to the right of the bed post.

This great Sheepskin Rug throw rug is placed on the floor in front of the bed. It adds some warmth and coziness to the room. It was a find in an upscale Thrift Store. I had it cleaned and it was as good as new.

The wall facing the windows is decorated with an elaborate mirror obtained from the Thrift Store. On either side are mounted some turn of the century Degas prints. These are some of the first ones made and are partly hand painted. The simple black and white frames edged in silver repeat the black and white in the other frames in the room.

I was really happy with how the room turned out. All the thrifted pieces fit in beautifully with the pieces I already had. The simplicity of the hardwood floors and calm paint colors help make this a restful room where, I hope, guests will sleep well.

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