Welcome to a quick weeknight or even….. company….. Shrimp Salad dinner. This is so simple to prepare and is absolutely delicious……. fresh salad and shrimp in an easy, scrumptious sauce.

Defrost your shrimp under running water. Make sure they are not still frozen on the inside.

Using some handy shrimp scissors cut the back of the shrimp open down the middle and clean out the intestine.

These shrimp have all been cleaned. Sushi anyone?

Next add 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup water and 1-2 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning to a medium size pan. Heat on medium until bubbling.

Add shrimp to pan and allow to cook until pink. Turn shrimp once in pan. Remove shrimp from pan and drain. Place drained shrimp into a bowl and place into refrigerator to chill.

While shrimp is chilling put together a salad using your favorite ingredients.

This salad has red and green leaf lettuce harvested from the garden, spinach , carrot sticks, grape tomatoes cut in half, black berries and grapes cut in half. I also added chives, parsley and a little thyme.

A salad dressing of about 2 tablespoons mayonnaise mixed with 2 tablespoons cocktail sauce and some fresh parsley was mixed together and then added to the chilled shrimp. Mix to be sure all the shrimp are covered.

Spoon shrimp onto the center of the fresh salad.

Warm focaccia bread was sliced and added to the plate with the shrimp and fresh salad.

Serve with your favorite wine and enjoy. This simple meal is good enough for company and can be prepared ahead. The focaccia bread was stored in the freezer from an earlier baking. Just had to heat it in the oven and serve. You can prepare the salad and the shrimp ahead and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Try this one, I think you’ll enjoy it.


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