Welcome Everyone! It’s been a busy week between cooking, gardening and teaching classes. We took the day off today and went to some of the local Thrift Stores to see what we could find. Nothing super big but a few interesting and cute things. The above picture shows a set of soup bowls and plates from Denmark. I really liked the blue and white combination of colors. Each bowl has a different picture of flowers in the center of each bowl. I liked the double handles and the fact that they are pretty sturdy. Can’t wait to use them in a place setting.

These were the markings on the bottom. After some research by my hubby we found that they were made in the 1950’s by Lars Syberg and are classified as Danish Faience Pottery. They are quite collectible.

A closer look at the bowl and plate.

The next find was a set of 8 tulip bowls from Pier 1. I’m showing 6 here as I’m already using a couple. These are really cute and very useful for fruit, pudding, and lots of other things. The tulip shape is really attractive and the white color allows you to use them with many different dishes.

Next I found a set of four Biltmore plates. These are really pretty with scalloped edges, a gold-colored border and a flower motif on each plate. These will be great to add some color to the table.

At another Thrift Store I ran across a set of four Dansk plates with this gorgeous border in white and a different flower drawn on each plate. They are older Dansk plates and sell for a fair amount on Ebay. These plates were really inexpensive and in great shape. I love the flower theme that seemed to be taking place in my shopping.

The next set of six plates continued with the flower theme. These didn’t have a maker’s mark but I thought they were really pretty and they were really inexpensive. Love the colors and the flowers around the border of the plates.

The flower theme continues with this really sweet Tea Set with a Butter Dish by Lenox. I don’t usually buy this kind of china but I thought they would make a charming outdoor table setting.

The Teapot is a duck, the butter dish a sheep and then we have a baby calf and a pig for the cream and sugar in Lenox, Poppies on Blue.

I found a beautiful Italian made silver-plated salad set. It polished beautifully…..so bright it’s just like a mirror.

Found a couple of wine glasses. I don’t really have these particular colors but my hubby suggested they would make a great gift with a bottle of wine. I like to take a hostess gift when we are invited to a friend’s house for dinner. This will make a great present.

Finally, I ran across these two rooster pots. They are a great size for jams or jellies or soup. You can probably think of lots of things to fill these pots.

It was lots of fun to spend a day thrifting. I felt fortunate to find so many pretty dishes. Fortunately, while I was finding dishes, Ron was finding his own treasures. It was a good day.

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