Welcome to a taste of Spring in the Garden. Blooms are becoming abundant as the warm weather continues. When I look out the window of the Morning Room each day I am treated to plants displaying their gorgeous colors and birds gathering at the feeders. We have woodpeckers, finches, cardinals, blue birds and many other species throughout the day. It’s fun to watch their shenanigans as they vie for places at each feeder. There is truly a “pecking” order in the bird world.

The picture above is a Bottle Brush bush. The blooms look exactly like “bottle brushes” that you would use in your kitchen. It’s a really quirky little bush and native to the South.

My Lady Banks Roses are also out in full bloom now. These are great trellis plants and have the added benefit of being thornless. They act as a delicate background for a garden and look spectacular against a fence.

I have a mix of purple phlox and this delicate little blue flower that act as ground cover. I have them cascading over rocks as well. They are creeping plants so spread really well on their own. You can add a few plants to your garden and they will multiply and spread all by themselves.

The Snowball Bushes are out in full bloom now. I have large ones like this and then a couple of bushes of mini Snowballs. They make for a spectacular show in early Spring.

The mini Snowballs grow in clusters along the branch….quite pretty.

Pots filled with returning herbs grace the herb garden and add texture and color to that part of the yard. Love these old pottery containers with their faded colors. It’s like they’ve been there forever.

Chives, parsley, marjoram, peas, lettuce, kale and onions continue to fill out and grow in the garden. I’ve already had a couple of salads from the lettuce growing in the vegetable garden.

The rock wall that serves as a background for the herb garden continues to bloom abundantly. Rosemary is producing new shoots and lemon balm, mint and lambs ear fill the crevices of the rocks. What a glorious time in the garden.

I hope you are all enjoying Mother Nature’s Spring Show and sinking your fingers into the soil. As I write this I’m watching our resident chipmunks scamper over the rocks on their way to the feeders to enjoy their breakfast. A Red Headed Woodpecker just landed on the peanut feeder and a Nut Hatch is eating upside down. How do they do that? Now at the base of the feeders the chipmunks have been joined by a bunny. Looks just like Peter Rabbit sans the blue coat. What a gathering. Enjoy!

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