An Indoor Herb Garden is a wonderful investment in creating healthier and tastier home cooked meals. The beauty of an indoor garden is that you can harvest herbs all year round. Even those tender herbs like basil are easy to grow with the right indoor conditions. It’s not difficult and it can be very quick to set up. My husband put ours together so that it can be dismantled during the warmer months when my garden is blooming and my herb pots are over-flowing with herbs. Then in the late Fall I can set it up again and have fresh herbs all Winter long.

In this picture you can see some simple wooden crates being used as supports. On top of the crates we’ve placed a pre-made counter top. This one we saved from changing out our countertops for granite. It was stored in the garage for several years until we decided to put this together. These pre-made countertops are available at places like Lowes, Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity stores. You don’t have to worry about water damage as they are formica and, therefore, water resistant. You could also use wine crates as your supports or come up with another creative support solution.

The next thing you’re going to need are some grow lamps.

These grow lamps, that I ordered from Amazon, have 4 individual arms that can be used to light 4 different plants. I have a total of three lamps so 12 possible plants.

I usually have parsley, sage, oregano, thyme and basil. Rosemary grows all winter in my garden so I don’t have to keep that indoors. The rosy glow is from the lamps. You can set the timer on the lamps for different amounts of time. We usually set them for 12 hours a day.

You can have really healthy plants that you will enjoy all Winter long. It doesn’t take much effort and the reward results in great dishes and happy eaters. Think about creating your own indoor herb garden. You will not regret that decision.

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