Happy Easter Everyone! I know Easter is still a week and a half away but it’s time to start planning your Easter table setting. Easter is, probably, the most important date in the Christian calendar. It is also a favorite chocolate holiday for everybody. It’s a holiday that brings joy from sharing the excitement that children of all ages exhibit this time of year. Preparations can be challenging made very interesting by the changeable weather and our second year dealing with Covid. I hope families will be able to gather safely this year. More people are vaccinated and that provides some protection we didn’t have before.

Usually for Easter I use my good china and silver and some lovely flowers on the table but this year I really wanted to set an “Easter” table. The problem was that I didn’t have any dinnerware that was recognizable as Easter. I was combing the Thrift Store for anything Easter and did find a few accent pices. However, Easter plates, glasses, napkins rings, etc. were scarce indeed. T. J. Maxx came to the rescue.

Although I love pastels I wanted something a little more sophisticated that would go with things I already had on hand. Black and white is always a combination that I love to see on a table. It’s simple and you can punch up the look with pops of color.

I found these super cute black and white bunny plates in two different patterns by Coca and Lola. I bought a total of six dessert plates and six dinner plates. Each size has three plates in each pattern so I can Mix and Match. The dinner plate rests on a Hobby Lobby charger in a black and white check.

I used a white damask tablecloth as the base for the table setting. I layered the tablecloth with this adorable bunny runner in black and white checked and striped bunnies. The bunnies are nice and large and go really well with the plates and the checked chargers. They even have little cotton tails. Ceramic bunnies and a sheep peek out along the bunny runner.

I found these great bunny mugs, also by Coco and Lola, in black and white that rest on some Staffordshire plates. I didn’t want people to worry about dripping anything on the white tablecloth.

This silver plate by Rogers Bros. is called Jubilee. I found this set at Miracle Hill Thrift Store this week. A complete set of eight 5-piece place settings with serving pieces for $20.00. Couldn’t resist and you can see it polished beautifully. Love the flowers in the design. They really go well with Spring and Summer table settings.

I used silver napkin rings with the black and white checked napkins to compliment the silver flatware. It’s a baroque design and a little more formal. Nice for Easter.

Lenox, Opal Innocence water and wine goblets are used for the beverage glasses. They have a delicately scrolled leaf pattern that adds to the sense of renewal that Easter suggests. I use this stemware quite a bit as the pattern seems to go with almost any setting. Opal Innocence also comes in a variety of sizes to fit most any need.

I had a lot of fun with the flower arrangements for the table. The runner was quite long so I wanted to anchor it at both ends as well as provide some interest in the middle. I have three black and white bowls of different sizes and shapes that I thought would work well. The flowers were from the grocery store and are a blend of lilies, mums and astromelia. Then I added some Mountain Laurel from my garden. It looks a little like Lily of the Valley blooms and drapes nicely over the edge of the containers. I used parsley and baby’s breath as filler. You can see the dove of peace next to the container in the picture above. A few Easter egg pics were added to each arrangement.

The sheep (found at Barnes and Noble) and bunnies peek out from around the flower containers.

Above are a few shots of the table looking lengthwise . You can see how the flowers span the whole table and add splashes of color to the black and white setting.

This gives you a pretty good idea of how the whole table looks from the side. It was quite fun to do. It turned out to be a little bit elegant, a little bit fun, and a little bit different. I’m looking forward to having friends and family share the joy of Easter with us. May you share the blessings of the season with your family and friends. Happy Easter!

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