January, February and March, I have found, are typically slow months in my area for Thrift Store shopping. Maybe people are just staying close to home in the colder weather? Maybe they’re recovering from the holidays? I’m not sure. It is always a busy time for us as we are usually teaching a couple of classes and working on projects that we didn’t finish before the holidays. At any rate, I don’t have high expectations when I go to the Thrift Store during these months. Having said that, here are a few finds from this week.

If you’re wondering about the string of CD discs in the background, we have a squirrel problem. They like to climb up to the window bird feeders and Ron has tried several methods to keep the squirrels away. This is one of them. Works pretty well.

Our first find was this really quirky steel sculpture by Buell. You can find her work on the internet. My daughter dabbles in the art world and is a bit quirky so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. It’s really quite fun and has a lot of movement in the work. It was ridiculously inexpensive so quite the find.

Next I ran across these terra cotta chargers from Pier 1. Although there is nothing wrong with using plastic chargers (I do it myself) I really prefer the heavier glass, wood, or terra cotta chargers. They have a more elegant presence on the table. However, I do not like their retail prices so always look for them when I’m thrifting. These were in great shape and match some I found several years ago. I now have 8 of them to use when entertaining.

In a different Thrift Store I found this set of 6 Pier 1 Italian plates. The design is very bright and cheerful and will be a good Summer or Fall addition to a table setting. Imagine these with white dishes and maybe a rattan charger. Not to mention the Italian dinner that you would be serving on these plates.

Last, but not least, are these beautiful Mikasa Park Lane sherbert dishes. I use this pattern as my every day crystal and have collected them for some time. I have a set of 12+ of red and white wine, water, high ball, short whiskey glasses, cordials, and champagnes. I found 4 of the sherbets earlier in the year and found six more this week. These sell for upwards of $25 each and are a discontinued pattern. Scored all 6 of these for $10. I danced all the way to the car. I’m on the lookout for 2 more. Maybe next time at the Thrift Store.

Hope you all have a great week looking for and enjoying treasures of your own.

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