Hi thrift lovers. Hope your adventures this week have been rewarding. We were out this week at a couple of thrift stores and found a few really nice things. The first was this beautiful set or Rogers Silver Plate in the Jubilee pattern. It is a complete 5-piece place setting for eight with two large serving spoons, sugar spoon and butter knife. Everything was in great shape and polished up beautifully. I loved this lovely flower pattern. It just shouted Spring and Summer to me. I enjoy having multiple patterns on hand to use in a variety of table settings.

The next find was really special. I don’t know about you but when I’m in a Thrift Store I always take a pretty close look at the glassware. I have several patterns that I actively look for and then try to stay open to other special finds.

You can see how beautiful and sparkly this cut glass looks. The light in most thrift stores may not be optimal and I did not see the signature on this pair of brandy snifters until I got home. They are labeled Cartier and I was able to find the exact pair online in several different places. They sell for $180 – $350 dollars for the pair. I paid $3.00 for the pair. A pretty good find and they are really beautiful with a hefty weight to them.

Here they are with a cut crystal decanter and a splash of brandy in the glasses. I grouped them with a cut crystal vase and some flowers I was conditioning for some arrangements. I was excited about finding these glasses.

Next I found some old-fashioned glasses also cut crystal. They weren’t marked but were quite heavy and had that recognizable ring to them. They washed up beautifully and will look great when we serve drinks. While I was looking through the glass section at Goodwill a gentleman was giving some advice to a woman who was trying to find some good wine glasses. The advice was really spot on but while he was talking and she was listening I found the glasses. Lucky Me!

The last thing I’m going to share today are these great crystal angel ornaments from Germany. They are quite nicely done and will really pick up the lights on the Christmas tree this net season. I love to pick-up ornaments all year long. I also found some great linens but will share those another time.

Hope you all have fun thrifting this week and find some wonderful treasures.

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