Welcome All to this glorious Thursday morning. The sun is shining here and it’s going to be in the upper 60’s. Super weather for early March. I was out looking at the garden yesterday and contemplating what needs to be done to get ready for early planting. There is always a lot of clean-up in the Spring but it makes my fingers “tingle” at the thought of rich gardening soil. Ron is itching to use his new saw on low branches clearing the way for a little more sunlight for some of the gardens. It’s an exciting time of the year for gardeners.

Before starting outside let’s take a look at a few goodies from this week’s thrifting. Sometimes thrifting finds seem to revolve around a particular category and lately I’ve been finding quite a few linens. This week reinforced that.

The first picture shows placemats and napkins in a red and white large check with a subtle line of green running through the fabric. I found six of each and paid about $4 for the set. They were in great shape and looked new. I still tossed them in the washing machine as soon as I got home. I ALWAYS do that….just in case. They will look great for summer picnics on the porch or for Christmas settings in December.

Next I found two napkins that match a table cloth that I already have. It’s good to keep that mental inventory so you can pick up matching pieces when you see them. These are Lenox and were a great buy at a total of 75 cents.

The final linen find was another set of placemats in a beautiful pink, green and white puckered fabric. The napkins aren’t an exact match but will work in a table setting. They were $3 for 4 placemats and 4 napkins. I loved these great Spring colors.

I was looking through the dish section at Miracle Hill Thrift shop and ran across this set of four dinner plates and 4 dessert/salad plates. I love to pick up white dishes with an interesting border. I thought they were really pretty and good quality. Then, when I flipped them over I knew my instincts were right on. They were Villeroy and Boch. This high end maker is usually out of my price range but this set of four place settings were about $8.00. They are in perfect condition with no chips or marks and look beautiful.

I also found this Villeroy and Boch gravy boat for $1.00. It is in perfect condition and so pretty.

This tree topper is made from glass by Waterford and was quite pretty. It is in an unopened box so it has never been. used. Quite nice.

Rounding out the day were two sets of candles. The red ones were a total of $1.25 for 10 candles and the black ones (much taller) were $2 for 8 candles. I love to pick up candles at these prices. I use them all year round and colors like the black ones are great for particular holidays (Hallowe’en comes to mind).

Ron, my great thrifting hubby, always comes up with some super finds that I wouldn’t even think to look for. The last few weeks he’s found some great things that he’ll resell on eBay. I don’t show his thrifting treasures as they are not really home decor but they are great finds. It’s nice to be part of a thrifting team.

Hope you find some great treasures this week that you can use to make your home a special place to be.

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