Looking for great items at the Thrift Store entails looking through tablecloths, napkins and placemats. I was pleasantly surprised to find several great examples in the last week or so. The picture above shows an oblong tablecloth and eight matching napkins by Vera. Always check for stains or tears before purchasing. When you get it home immediately put it into the washing machine. These laundered beautifully and look really great with their brilliant colors and large scale design.

Found another napkin set in green check with six napkins. The next picture shows four large green and black napkins in a linen fabric. Finally I found 6 really pretty green placemats with an embroidered central design and a darker green wide margin along the left side.

Four lovely silver plated goblets were found at Miracle Hill Thrift Shop. I haven’t polished them yet but they were in excellent condition.

At Goodwill I ran across four perfect casserole dishes with a cardinal sitting atop each one. Inside there is a surprise holly design that will be visible at the end of the meal.

Then we found a cast iron enameled casserole dish. It is very heavy but was in really good condition and they are a dream for cooking stews, soups and casseroles. Can’t wait to use this one.

This pottery dome found in Miracle Hill will be used with a pottery plate I already have for small cakes, cupcakes, rolls, itc. It was quite lovely inside with it’s various shades of blue.

Finally, some examples of Bunnykins by Royal Daulton….just in time for Easter. I have some others that I have collected and hope to have enough to use in a table setting.

Not a bad thrift haul for the end of February. It’s always an adventure because you never know what you will find. Hope you have a chance to go and add to your own treasures soon.

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