Hiking in the afternoon in the local State Park presents opportunities for photos with light and shadow. We haven’t been out photographing for awhile but the weather was gorgeous and we were on a 4 mile hike so we had plenty of opportunity. Above the sun cast shadows on the water that were magnified by the ripples caused by swiftly flowing water.

We found a downed tree that was completely covered in fungi in multiple shades of yellow, cream and green. The texture made the fungi really interesting. The light was very strong as it was mid-day but was still able to get some shadows.

The first part of the hike was straight up, approximately 60 flights up, so it was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. However, we passed some beautiful waterfalls and babbling streams which made the hike quite delightful as long as we took it fairly slowly.

Above is one of the waterfalls we passed with some great stone steps on the opposite side of the stream.

Another waterfall along the way.

Another series of small waterfalls cascading downwards along the hiking route.

Dappled sunlight illuminating a rock face along the path. Love how the moss adds that bright green against the muted rock tones.

Swirling water seen through the textured sticks. The water was really frothing at the bottom of it’s descent from the waterfall to the pool below.

Love how the colors are brought out by the sunlight on the water.

The hike took the entire afternoon and was well worth the effort to climb to the top of the ridge. We really enjoyed climbing beside the stream, enjoying the sound of the water as we went along. Looking forward to many more afternoons hiking and photographing.

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