Welcome to today’s blog. My heart goes out to all of you effected by the terrible storms sweeping across the country. Being without power is never a good thing but it can be so frightening when the temperatures are below freezing outside. Everyone has been through so much in the past year. It’s difficult to keep our hopes up and stay positive but we people are resilient and things will get better.

I wanted to try something a little different for today’s tablescape. The paisley tablecloth by Waverly was a recent find at the Thrift Store and not my usual taste but I loved the muted colors and for $2.25 I thought I’d give it a try. So the tablecloth became the base for this table setting.

The predominant colors in the tablecloth are turquoise, beige and gold. Those same colors are reflected in the plate stack with a little white for contrast. The dinner plate is Gorham’s Adante Gold, a plain white rippled plate edged in gold. Stacked on top of the dinner plate is a dessert/salad plate in an off-white by Johnson Bros. of England. Both plates boast a fluted pattern that ties the plates together and adds some interest to the stack. Next is a hand-painted dessert plate by the German maker Hutschenreuther The beautiful colors in this plate with a flower motif are reflected in the Paisley tablecloth. Finally, a fruit or shrimp bowl by the German maker Wittwer is placed on top. When you look through the crystal the colors below are almost paisley in nature as they are reflected by the crystal.

I continued the German crystal theme in the Rosenthal Waterfall Crystal seen here. This is a pattern I purchased years ago on a trip to Germany. They are really beautiful with their cascading crystal stems.

A lovely embroidered runner anchors the center of the table picking up the same curved leaf design element in the tablecloth. The muted colors are a perfect background for the flower centerpiece. The small lavender roses pick up the same color in the plates and the candles which rest in brass candlesticks. A coral piece edged in a natural lavender shell color adds some interest and distributes the color throughout the table setting.

The flatware is Hampton Silversmiths Stainless Steel (Goodwill) and pulls out the brass color in the candlesticks (Miracle Hill Thrift), the gold in the tablecloth and the gold rim of the dinner plate. The flatware rests on a beautiful linen embroidered napkin in the same beige as the table cloth background and reflects the middle plate (Goodwill).

This venture into paisley was a fun way to set a table. A little more formal but the natural elements of the flowers, coral and amethyst rock samples ground the table and make it more approachable.

While we are still confined by weather and Covid it’s a great time to experiment with a different style for YOUR table.

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