So glad you decided to stop by and share this blog with me. A simple lunch at the kitchen counter can be a nice respite from a busy day. Placemats, napkins and plates all co-ordinate with some flowers picked up from the grocery store. They are conditioning in a vase with some floral food prior to being placed in a couple of arrangements. They make a nice accompaniment to lunch flanked by some basil I just harvested from my indoor plants and some remaining flowers from last week. I love how colorful this place setting looks. The vibrant colors seem to warm up the kitchen.

Now, on to the food. I started with a couple of ciabatta rolls that I pre-baked in the oven. We’re having tuna fish melts, a nice warm dish on a cold day. In fact the temperature is just above freezing today. Two days ago it was in the 60’s. Strange weather. To make the tuna fish I started with a scallion and a couple of stalks of celery.

The veggies were diced and then added to the tuna in a pretty bowl. I think it’s really soothing to use pretty dishware when cooking. It keeps me in a good frame of mind while I’m dealing with the food. This bright red bowl sets off the colors of the food nicely and even matches the tableware.

Mix the tuna and veggies then add salt and pepper and enough mayonnaise to hold the tuna together.

Slice the ciabatta rolls in half and place on a foil-covered cookie sheet. Evenly spread the tuna on the cibatta rolls. Add shredded mozzarella cheese in an even layer on top of the tuna. Place the cookie sheet under the broiler which has been pre-heated and turned to the high setting of broil. Set the timer for about 4 minutes and check at 3 minutes. Continue broiling until cheese is lightly browned and tuna is heated through. Monitor continuously. You don’t want the cheese or the rolls to burn.

Remove from oven when the cheese has browned and the tuna is warmed all the way through..

Place sandwiches on sandwich plate and garnish with spiral cut basil leaves.

Serve with your favorite beverage. We are tea drinkers so served this with Earl Grey loose tea. This makes a great sandwich and a quick hot lunch on a very cold day. Add a bowl of soup and you have a simple weekday dinner. Enjoy.


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