Welcome to “Lunch with Scones”. The month of February is a terrific time to indulge in a little scone therapy. We’ve all been indoors for a long time between Covid 19 and the winter weather. I woke up the other day with a need to try a new recipe and bake some scones at the same time. I looked through some recipe books and on-line and found two recipes for making scones with sour cream, something I had not done before.

Coupled with wanting to make scones…..I found some dishes at the Thrift Store that I wanted to try in a tablescape. The two just naturally came together.

The table setting begins with a textured tablecloth in soft pastel yellow. A nod to sunnier days.

The silver plate has a really pretty flower pattern that appears quite delicate. I found the silver plate at a Miracle Hill Thrift Store and it cleaned up beautifully.

A simple arrangement of flowers; roses , chrysanthemums, daisies, and carnations are arranged in a green pottery bowl that echoes the colors in the plates.

The dinnerware is by Susan Cooper made in England and has lovely scalloped edges in green. A flower pattern circles the edges of the dinner plate, dessert/salad plate and bread and butter plates. These were also recent thrift store finds.

The napkins pick up the colors in the china. They are flowered on one side and striped on the other side. I love how both patterns show when caught in the napkin ring almost like a double napkin. The napkin rings are pottery in the same reds and greens.

I used these monogramed cups to add another pattern to the table. Each cup sports a different color inside the cup and on the letter on the outside of the cup. The colors are green, blue, orange and yellow. The diversity in color add some additional interest to the overall look of the table. Tea spoons in the same silver plate pattern rest on the plates. The cups don’t match exactly match the plates but they are a fun pattern that adds to the decor.

Water goblets in Park Lane by Mikasa rest next to the cups. A cheddar cheese and scallion scone stuffed with egg salad makes a delicious sandwich on a cold afternoon. A slice of orange adds a bright spot of color on the plate and pulls out the color of the cheese in the scone.

More scones reside on a pretty patterned plate waiting for their egg salad filling. The scones are delicious on their own as well. a Waterford crystal bowl filled with orange marmalade is next to a plate of orange scones. What a delicious combination.

Orange scones are ready to try after the cheese scones are finished. You can serve them with the orange marmalade already shown or with some clotted cream. Personally, I’d have a little of both.

Add a hot cup of tea and you have a great Lunch or relaxed Afternoon Tea.

This pretty table invites you to sit down and enjoy a pleasant respite on a cold winter day. The entire table was thrifted. Each element came together to create an inviting look that is attractive and cost effective. It doesn’t take a fortune to set a pretty table.

Hope you can enjoy a little afternoon break with tea and scones.

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