Hello Everyone and welcome today. I had meant to post a recipe today but will save that until tomorrow as I HAD to share this Thrift Store find with you today. In fact we returned home a little bit ago. I am so…. excited! Often when you go to the thrift store you find an item or two that are quite cute or fun or maybe fit in with a tablescape you are planning. Occasionally, you come across a really great find and that’s what happened today. Let’s look at the smaller things first.

Found this really nice set of Susan Cooper English dishes. It’s a set of 6 each dinner, bread and butter and dessert plates. They are in Spring colors and have beautiful scalloped edges. I was looking for something for a kind of upscale St. Patrick’s Day or maybe Easter place setting and I think these would work in either situation. These are from the Red Ribbon thrift store. They are always so helpful and pleasant that it’s a pleasure to shop there, even if you don’t find anything.

We also found a brand new Monopoly game at Red Ribbon that features Puerto Rico. I think these are relatively rare and all the pieces were in the original packaging without having been opened.

At the Salvation Army Thrift Store I found these really nice Royal Doulton Bunnykins bowls. They are in great shape and only 49 cents each. I’ll have to figure out how to use them at Easter. They have very sweet and colorful scenes. One shows the bunnies picking peaches and the other mailing letters. I remember my kids using these as little ones and eagerly eating their cereal to see the picture on the bottom.

I found a few interesting cookbooks that I didn’t have. I love to read cookbooks and just envision the recipes completed and on the table ready to eat. The Irish cookbook has some great recipes but also information on some interesting Irish authors. I’m looking forward to some quiet time with this recipe book. I might even find a recipe or two to share.

…..Now the find of the day. As some of you know I have been looking for upholstered dining chairs for awhile now….about 6 years….and hadn’t found anything I really liked for the right price. I sort of look at Thrift stores but upholstered chairs are often stained or ripped or just too well used. At the Thrift Store today they had just gotten these chairs in and they appeared to be in perfect condition. Not a stain, tear, scratch or smudge to be found and I looked. I was really liking them. Then when I flipped them over I saw that they were Ethan Allen. I looked up the Model number online and discovered they were Verlaine Side Chairs whose base price was $750 per chair. They are only sold custom from the store. I liked them even more. These chairs, with their beautiful brocade fabric and tufted seats and backs with hard wood legs and all the other Ethan Allen hallmarks would sell for $900 – $1,000 per chair. I bought 6. I don’t mind telling you the price since I won’t be reselling them. I plan to use them in my home. Hold your breath……lol…..$45 per chair.

My six year quest is at an end and I will enjoy these chairs every day. Don’t know who donated them or maybe they were floor samples from Ethan Allen but thank you. They have gone to a good home.

I suppose this is one of the reasons I enjoy shopping at the Thrift Store. You never know what you will find and sometimes you find something really special.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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