Welcome everyone! It’s a pleasure to have you here today at the first Brunch table setting in January. If you are a frequent visitor welcome back and if it’s your first time visiting I hope you’ll consider signing up to receive regular blog postings from my blog.

I took a bit of a break from major adventures in the kitchen after the holidays. Now I’m ready to pick up my wooden spoon once again with some new recipes in up-coming blogs.

Today I’m setting a brunch table reflecting the cool tones and textures of January.

The plate stack begins on a cream-colored wooden charger. Mikasa’s English Countryside dinner plate with a heavily textured rim decorated in flowers, leaves, and basketweave provides the base of the plate stack.

Next are Havilland Bird Plates. Each plate features a different bird and provides a surprise for the guest when the top plate is removed after the first course. The rim is decorated in a feather pattern and the birds exquisitely drawn.

The top plate is Urban Lights by Lenox and is rimmed by black and gold. It adds a touch of elegance to the table setting.

The plate stack is topped by a beautifully textured Mikasa Park Lane cut crystal sherbert dish. Additional texture is added by the crystal sherbets.

I wanted something delicate that doesn’t take up much space but adds to the texture of the place setting and to it’s visual appeal. The napkin roses pick up the stripes in the tablecloth and provide additional interest. The napkin roses are really simple to make and are the perfect size to sit on the edge of the plate stack. Don’t you just love the look of the napkin without calling attention to the fact that it is a napkin.

Champagne glasses in the Mikasa Park Lane pattern echo the sherbets. The centerpiece I’m reusing from earlier in the week. The yellow petite carnations pick up the yellow in the napkins and the parsley leaves the green stripes. Baby’s Breath act as filler giving the centerpiece a very light and airy feel.

Coffee cups and saucers in Adante Gold by Gorham are rippled reflecting the light. They are a delicate addition to the table. Rogers Remembrance silver plate finishes off the table setting.

A beautiful parfait with yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries begins the meal. I love how the deep colors pop in the cream colored setting. The textured plates add interest and the rose the perfect accent.

This was a fun tablescape to put together and I know we will really enjoy sitting down at this January Brunch Table Setting partaking of an excellent breakfast.

Just a note: Everything in this tablescape was thrifted. It’s really possible to have elegance, beauty and texture in your January table setting without spending a fortune. Enjoy!

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