Now that Christmas and New Year’s Day is passed and we are well into 2021 I felt a real need to lighten up the table setting. Even though the days are sunny (mostly) were I live people are still wary about going outside and there’s not a lot of socializing going on. I wanted a little brightness and prettiness in this week’s tablescape. To that end I decided a “spot of tea” would do the trick. Tea is the universal panacea for difficult times.

I set the table in the Morning Room which gets lots of sun during the afternoon. Fruits and flowers seemed a good idea for a lighter look in January.

A pretty vase of flowers in pinks and yellows and white set on a green straw mat sets the stage for pastel colors on the table. The vase, in blue, is hand thrown and incorporates shades of sky color that compliment the pastel shades in the flowers. A simple bunch of flowers sets the tone for a casual tea table.

Flowers are also used in clear napkin rings that hold water and have a place to insert a few stems into the napkin ring and keep the flower stems immersed in water. I love how they allow for flowers to be dispersed at each place setting. The napkins have a single pine branch keeping the napkin light but reflecting the time of year.

The plate stack is simple but colorful with lots and lots of white showing in the plates. German fruit plates are at the top of the stack and below them are hand-painted Italian flower plates. The dessert/salad plates are delicate and the dinner plates have cutwork intermingled with the flower motif. I love how the colors fit together with the plates blending beautifully.

A Michael Aram Tea Set continues the botanical theme running through this table setting. Love the look of this tea set. There is a teapot, cream and sugar and eight cups and saucers. I’ve had this set for several years and found it at a thrift store. The botanical theme is apparent in each piece with wonderful attention to detail in the handles and the lids.

Silver plate with a botanical theme completes the place setting. Featured this set in the last blog as well. It shined up beautifully with a little silver polish and sparkles in the sunshine flooding the room.

Lastly, this great Mikasa plate is waiting for the goodies that will be enjoyed during tea time. It carries the theme of flowers and leaves reflected in the plate stack. Whites, florals, and pastel colors bring a little sunshine to the January doldrums. Indulge in a wonderful oolong or black tea as you enjoy your table setting using whites and pastels in January.

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