Welcome everyone! Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I can’t believe it has come so quickly. The packages are wrapped and under the tree and preparations are underway for a cozy Christmas Eve dinner with our family. No one is traveling this year and no guests as we comply with Covid recommendations.

Holidays are especially difficult, if you have lost someone close to you. This year so many households are suffering and comfort is hard to find. But…..there is hope…hope for a better year ahead, hope that our country will come together, hope that our living situations will improve, hope that our families will be well and will thrive. For what is Christmas but the symbol of hope.

Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction in the night sky a couple of nights ago. They were so close they created what appeared to be a bright star in the heavens. This happens only once every 400 years or so. My daughter was over to view the event and we had the telescope set up outside. It was a beautifully clear night. So, I put together this simple little dinner tablescape before we went out to view the conjunction.

The plate stack begins with a black and white tartan charger (Hobby Lobby). The dinner plate rimmed in red with a thin gold band encircling the plate is Kate Spade by Lenox (thrift store). I used patterned black and white dessert/salad plates next. They pick up the black and white in the charger. Next is a Lenox bread and butter plate trimmed in black and gold (thrift shop). A soldierly Nutcracker presides over the plate stack and pulls all the colors together in his uniform (thrift shop).

Black and white checked napkins and Pottery Barn Fiddlehead flatware were added. I love the swirl in the Fiddlehead pattern. It seemed appropriate for the infinity of the night sky and the patterns of the stars. The napkins echo the black and white theme.

My everyday Mikasa Park Lane crystal was used in this table setting. I really like how it reflects the light and dresses up any table (thrifted).

I reused the centerpiece from earlier in the week and added a Fitz and Floyd deer and some beautiful white deer (thrifted) to complete the look. The sparkle of the centerpiece reflects the stars which seemed appropriate for the evening.

The place setting came together really easily and was quite cute. It was even better with some dinner.

Then we ended the evening viewing a conjunction of planets that would not happen again for another 400 years. Something to think about.

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