It’s a week until Christmas and all through the house…everyone is scurrying, even the mouse. Although things have been busy we are still staying safely indoors most of the time and always wearing our masks when we are outside. We are enjoying being together and sharing the season with our family. We wish the same for you.

Today’s tablescape is simple and light and uses only silver, gold and white in the color scheme (mostly).

A beautiful silver ball (thrifted) which holds a candle is in the middle position of the centerpiece. It is made up of concentric circles of raised silver….maybe a moon or a planet? We have a beautiful circular astronomical instrument that looks at the movements of the planets. The armillary sphere at the other end of the table models objects in the sky and shows the great circles of heaven. It is a skeleton celestial globe.

Two silver pillar candlesticks (thrifted) rest between the celestial spheres and are encircled by moon and stars (thrifted). Everything rests on a white damask tablecloth (thrifted).

The plate stack begins with a charger decorated in stars circling the rim. We have a gold rimmed, fluted Gorham dinner plate next with a silver edged Franciscan salad plate on the dinner plate. The top bread and butter plate is a recent find, a Lenox plate that has a double silver rim around the edge and a gold rim on the inside of the plate. On each Lenox plate is placed a hand-crocheted star snowflake made years ago by my Sister-in-law, Carole. They go on our tree every year.

Gold and silver flatware echoes the celestial theme of the table setting. They are simple but quite pretty, thrifted at Goodwill.

A lovely embroidered napkin lies next to the flatware (thrifted). You can see the moon and stars around the candlestick with sparkling silver candles on each pillar. Finally, the crystal is Mikasa Park Lane.

The table has a feeling of space like the heavens. It is quite calming in it’s beautiful white, silver and gold palate. Sometimes we need a little calm and peace during the holidays. Hope this brings a little peace and calm into your day.

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