This is our family Christmas tree that is placed in our main living area so we can enjoy it every day of the holiday season. It sits out in the room next to some built-in shelves near the fireplace. The tree is 9 feet tall so fits perfectly in our room without taking over the whole space. We got the tree at Goodwill. It was a $600 tree and had been donated because the lights didn’t work in one section. We purchased it for $75 and added a string of lights. I was dancing all the way home.

This tree tells some of the most famous Christmas stories as well as holding special family ornaments. Today I’m going to share the stories with you beginning with “A Christmas Carol” that most famous Christmas tale by Charles Dickens. It’s not a long book and we would read this with the kids at Christmas. Kind of put us in the mood for the Christmas season. Our favorite movie version of this story is the one with the Muppets. We’ve already watched it once this season.

The story begins with Scrooge, a successful but heartless businessman, who refuses to donate any of his earnings to charity. We place Scrooge at the base of the tree.

That night Scrooge retires with his accounts and is awakened by the first of four spirits.

His former partner, Marley, is the first and carries with him the chains of his uncharitable life. He warns Scrooge that

his fate will be the same, if he doesn’t change. Marley tells him that three spirits will visit Scrooge that night.

The first is the spirit of Christmas present who takes Scrooge to visit his nephew and the Cratchit family and their Christmas celebrations.

Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit with Tiny Tim are preparing to celebrate Christmas. She is cooking the Christmas Pudding and he is bringing home the wreath with Tiny Tim on his shoulders.

The next spirit to visit is Christmas Past who takes Scrooge to turning points in his life that happened at Christmas.

The final Spirit is that of “Christmas Yet to Come”. This Spirit shows Scrooge what his life and death will be, if he does not change. His impact on the Cratchit family can be profound, if he will only keep Christmas in his heart all year long.

Scrooge wakes up the next morning to a beautiful Christmas Day. He opens the window and leans out below attracting the attention of a boy. He tells hime to buy the turkey from a nearby shop. The turkey ends up at the Cratchit’s as part of their feast.

The boy is paid a shilling by Scrooge as Scrooge begins to display the generosity of spirit that will mark the rest of his days.

We leave the story with Tiny Tim’s last words “God Bless Us Everyone”.

The ornaments are made by Kurt Adler and I have been collecting them for many years. This year we finally found the rarest of the ornaments and now we have the whole set. I love placing these on the tree with the family retelling the story as each ornament goes up.

We tell the story of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” in both Lenox and Waterford Crystal ornaments. Our rendition of the song is far from perfect but we really enjoy the singing. I’m still searching for a couple of the Lenox ornaments but have all 12 of the Waterford.

A band of animal musicians play carols from their spots on the tree. Snowmen, angels four calling birds and a space ship add to the fun.

A new (thrifted) set of ornaments relating “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem was added this year to the tree.

Vintage glass mercury balls and glass icicles (thrifted) add a touch of glow as they reflect the Christmas lights.

Everyone’s family tree holds special memories of Christmas Past and Present. We hope this Christmas and all your Christmas celebrations will keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts all year round.

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