Decorating the fireplace mantle for Christmas can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. We have our television over the mantle so I have to be careful not to block any of the controls but still have enough foliage for it to appear full. It also has to fit in with the other decorations around the mantle.

I started with a pretty full pine garland (thrifted) that was tied onto a rail attached to the mantle. Ivy (thrifted) was wound through the pine garland adding some variegated green colors and fulness to the mantle. Then some silver picks (thrifted) were added to the length of the garland.

I made a red and gold bow for each side of the mantle (ribbon was thrifted). The bows were quite large with trailing ends that cascaded down the side of the mantle. The bows were nestled in the greenery and fixed to the mantle with pipe cleaners.

Brass candlesticks of varying heights (thrifted) were placed on the mantle and wrought iron pillar candlesticks (thrifted) flank each side of the mantle. Candles of variegated green (thrifted) were added to the wrought iron candle sticks. Red Santa candles (thrifted) were placed in the brass candlesticks along with a single plain red candle.

The Living Room tree is positioned close to the mantle in front of the bookshelves. Fitz and Floyd and Christopher Radko pieces( thrifted) fill the book cases echoing the red, green and gold in the mantle. Everything blends together to create a festive mood with bits of red echoed around the room.

In front of the fireplace is a family of snow people: Papa, Mama, Son and Daughter (thrifted). They are watching an ice skating snowman (thrifted) perform his tricks. The snowmen are gathered on and around a Royal Racer Sled (thrifted). A fire in the fireplace will be reflected in the glass of the snowmen.

The fire is cozy but our snowmen won’t melt.

Across the room from the mantle Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer are getting ready for the big night. The reindeer are wearing rosemary wreaths as they prance and play in anticipation of their long flight.

Dancer is the lead reindeer. The other reindeer are happy to follow Dancer’s lead as they fly through the sky. Blitzen is the closest to Santa’s sleigh, a steady reindeer who has been with Santa for many Christmas Eve adventures.

Many of the reindeer were thrifted and some were gifts. They are all different but come together as a team with their important task almost here.

All the different elements have come together this year with the focus on an old-fashioned Christmas. Nostalgia and Christmas memories play a big roll in our holiday this year. The world has shifted and we need to stay close to home holding our loved ones close in person, zoom, FaceTime or email as we try to make sense of our new circumstances. I wish joy and peace for you in this holiday season.

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