This is our dining room and we use it for more formal get togethers around holidays and family celebrations. The tree in this room leans towards Victorian so thought it would be fun to stage a nod to a Victorian tablescape.

I wanted to start this blog with a couple of recent thrift store finds. They’re pictured below.

We were at a Miracle Hill Thrift store last week and found the china in the upper left. It was Johnson Brothers, Victorian Christmas, a pattern frequently used for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is a retired pattern so not readily available. This was a service for 10 and had several platters and bowls as well. I am really embarrassed to mention how little I paid for this set. I did use a 50% off coupon but would happily have paid full price.

In the same store I was looking through the flatware bins (suggested in a blog I read) and found a whole set of Rogers, Gaiety, silver-plate flatware. There were 62 pieces including a few serving pieces. All we had to do was fish them out of the bins. There are 10 place settings of five pieces each with some extras. Wow! Brought them home and cleaned them up with a solution of baking soda and salt in hot water. The tarnish vanished and they look great. Found the silver chest at a goodwill that same day. Thrift store Karma….Yay!

So decided to use both these finds in my victorian table setting.

I started with this great table covering with beautiful embroidery in the corners and a raised velvet detail that goes all around the table cloth. The rich velveteen tablecloth sets the tone for the Victorian theme. The deep red color shouts Christmas. The table covering was from a Miracle Hill Thrift shop and cost $3.75. A steal.

Red glass chargers ringed with a scroll pattern in gold act as the base for the plate stack. The Victorian Christmas dinner plate was placed on the charger. Next two thrifted cranberry wreaths were added to the table and a Fitz and Floyd deer was set in each wreath. A larger thrifted cranberry wreath was added to the center of the table and a Fitz and Floyd Santa was nestled in the center wreath.

The Santa is quite jovial and warning us to be very quiet as he distributes toys from the bag at his feet. Lovely details like the watch on the outside of his pocket add to the charm of this Victorian style Santa.

Here’s a close-up of the Victorian Christmas dinner plate.

Added to the plate stack is a cheerful little bird decorating his tree with a bit of ribbon and a small bright ornament.

Here’s a better look. The Victorians mixed color and pattern indiscriminately…the more the merrier.

The silver-plate was added to the place setting. It really shines against the bright red of the tablecloth. You can see the green detail of the edging in this photo.

The Fitz and Floyd Reindeer lights the table with a beautiful red candle matched by his buddy at the opposite end. You can see victorian Christmas tree decorations scattered down the center of the table.

Hand blown goblets in a deep red were added. They provide a lot of “weight” to the table and reflect the “Victorian” decor typical of the 1890’s.

A matching cup and saucer complete the place setting. We are all set to enjoy a beautiful dinner in an old world setting. Where is the Cook and the Butler and the Servants to serve and wait at table?….Oh, I forgot, those servants are all ME! Guess I better get back to the kitchen and get that dinner started. Enjoy.

Just a note: Everything on this table, including the table, was thrifted.

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