This very simple tree captures the sense of a winter day in the woods. The tree is about 6 feet high so I placed it on a box and then covered the box with a tree skirt. Birch bark ribbon is threaded through the tree and brings the white and forest colors together.

Great animal and bird ornaments pick up the birch bark colors and depict forest dwellers. Reindeer, wolves and woodland birds share the tree and make it their home. Little pops of red are scattered throughout the tree.

Woodland animals are surrounded by snow-filled globes as they nestle into the tree.

A set of lovely hand-painted ornaments picture homey Christmas scenes against a white background. Seals and reindeer frolic close by.

A moose pokes his head through the branches perhaps looking to share the day with a friend.

Deer frolic at the base of the tree as the birds look down and flock around their heads. Deer crafted from birch bark echo the theme of the tree.

Birds in flight and nesting birds share space in the office with a large cabinet fronted with birch bark in the bottom cabinets bringing the whole room together.

The office is a great place to share lunch for two.

An Angel rests lightly on a heap of birchbark ribbon looking over the forest animals and all who may share their space. Hope you enjoy this peaceful tree and quiet space.

The ornaments, Angel, tree skirt and standing deer were all thrifted. Lots of fun finding the elements to put this together.

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