Christmas is gearing up and decorating has risen to the top of the “to do” list. All the Christmas boxes are out of the garage and moved into the library. Decorations stashed in closets have been recovered and taken out to be looked at and assessed for this year’s decorating.

I had a vision in my head for this room, the office, and red, white and green featured prominently. It didn’t turn out anything like I had imagined but I love it. The office is the first room you see on entering the house and, most of the time, is a working space. Sometimes, though, it’s good to take a break from office work, blogging, etc. and have an intimate lunch for two.

The office desk was a creation of my husband and works great for our laptops giving each of us enough space to work. The desk is long and narrow and accommodates a couple of laptops and some elbow room, if we are both working.

So today I cleared off the desk except for the silver trees and candelabra and candlesticks. The intervening space was perfect for two people to have a little woodsy lunch.

Most of this tablescape comes from the thrift store and was quite fun to put together. Thrift store items don’t have to look inexpensive or inelegant. Thrifted items can upscale quite nicely. So we’ll start with the central tree. It’s a Studio 56 and actually still had the tag on it when I found it. It went straight into my basket.

The table runner is white and silver and helps create a winter woodsy wonderland.

On the table runner rests our woodland friends, a fox and an owl. They blend in with the forest covered in snow and bring us closer to nature. Next came the silver star plate. Stars beaming down from a wintry sky shed light on the long winter night. Finally, a small soup bowl sits atop the star plate. A silver reindeer stands proudly in the center of the plate stack.

The woodland plates were an end-or-season buy from The Christmas Tree Shop. The star plates are from Better Homes and Garden found at a thrift shop. The bowl is Mikasa French Country also thrifted.

This Rogers silver-plate is a recent find. I think the pattern is called, Gaiety. Lots of thrift stores have bins filled with odd lots of silverware. It’s always good to check the bins. I did just that and found this collection of Roger’s silver-plate mixed in with the flatware. After rifling through several bins I ended up with a service for ten and a few serving pieces…about 62 pieces in all. At this thrift store they charged by the piece for flatware and then I had a coupon for 15% off. It was a real steal and looks great on the table.

Napkins folded into a Christmas Tree added a fun touch to the theme.

Silver trees and silver candles work well with a decorative horse and candlebra

and candle sticks shaped like pine cones. All the decorative additions were thrifted and added a touch of silver to our table for two.

This tablescape for two was simple and festive and gave a nice break from work. The woodsy winterland theme fit beautifully with the room and the tree that was decorated in a white and silver woodland theme. I’ll be showing you that tree tomorrow.

Hope all of you can take a break from the hectic preparations of the season and reconnect with one another. A beautiful luncheon for two is just the way to do that. Enjoy!

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