You’ll find lots of people at the Thrift store before Christmas. They’re looking for inexpensive holiday decorations and even some gifts for those on their Christmas List. I’m always on the look out for GREAT holiday decorations. I go through the shelves and boxes of Christmas ornaments looking for treasures that need a new home. Sometimes I get very lucky and find brand name ornaments for thrift store prices.

Let me share one day of Christmas Thrift store finds that were pretty spectacular. The above picture is of a Waterford Crystal ornament I found at Goodwill. It was buried under some wreaths and other greenery. It’s a beautiful, in perfect condition, crystal tree in the original packaging. I was very happy.

At the next Thrift store, a local one, I came across another Waterford ornament and a couple of Gotham crystal ornaments.

This beautiful angel is from the Waterford Millennium Angel collection and was complete with bag, box and documentation. Just beautiful. Waterford packaging is very distinctive and easy to spot. Such a fun find.

These two Gorham crystal stars in original packaging were found at the same store as the angel. What a beautiful addition to a Christmas Tree. I felt really lucky to have come across four great ornaments in one day. I find the best Christmas stuff usually before Thanksgiving. However, you do have to go back frequently to check the merchandise.

Last, but not least, I found a cute little Fitz and Floyd Christmas Mug. I always look for Fitz and Floyd because they are so colorful and detailed. They make great additions to your Christmas decor and hold their value over the years.

I paid just a couple of dollars or less for each of the ornaments and the mug. Just goes to show that, if you are persistent and know your brands, you can find some great things at the Thrift store.

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