I think this is the best time of year to look for Christmas decorations. Often Thrift stores have Christmas at half price and they put out new merchandise they receive as people go through their Christmas stashes. It is always a good idea to look through all the merchandise for those gems that might be hidden.

If you’re not familiar with Christoper Radko and you like to thrift, you should look him up. He has been creating Christmas ornaments and tabletop decor for many years. He is sought by serious collectors and is quite expensive. Ornaments can go for several hundreds of dollars. His creations are quite detailed and made primarily in glass.

The tabletop Santa in an engine shown above is actually a candy jar. It could also be used for cookies as it is large enough. This came with it’s original box and is in pristine condition. The paint is all intact and as bright as when it was first made.

Above are pictures of the back and sides. You can see all the details and how festive it looks. I was able to purchase this for $4.38. I was in shock and it was hard to get the box in my shopping cart.

This cute little guy came to me from the same Thrift store as the Santa Train. He is a beautiful Christopher Radko Snowman Cookie Jar. This little guy practically leapt into my cart to come home with me. He was $4.65. These cookie jars are very expensive on eBay way more than I want to pay. That’s why I was so excited to find not one but two of these great table top decorations at the same Thrift Store on the same day.

…But wait…same day, different Thrift store, this table top Christopher Radko Christmas Tree music box leapt into my cart. It has a winding mechanism on the bottom which turns the tree around and makes it look like the train is moving. It plays a cute holiday tune. Three in one day. This will probably never happen to me again. This one was also under $5.00. Each one was in really pristine condition, as if they had never been used or used with great care over the years. I will keep them the same way and enjoy them for years to come. Yay Thrift store!

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