Today’s fall tablescape incorporates some things I found recently at the thrift store. I like to create these from all or mostly all thrifted items to show what’s possible with a plan and a little luck. I’ll show you how I built this from the tablecloth up.

I started with the tablecloth (thrifted) and an idea for a centerpiece from items I found in the last couple of times at the thrift store. The tablecloth had lots of nice Fall colors and I wanted to build on that theme. I used the ceramic pumpkin from this week’s finds. Then I assembled three pillar candles of varying heights (thrifted). I wanted to elevate them a bit so I used some golden colored cups that I found a few weeks ago (thrifted), turned them upside down and placed the candles on the base of the cup. Then I arranged them around the pumpkin.

Next came woven red chargers (thrifted) that picked up the red in the tablecloth.

I wanted to try my new plates (thrifted) to see how they would work. The orange fruit in the plate goes well with what I have so far and the blue offers a bit of contrast. I was going to be serving soup and I wanted to use the matching soup bowl but needed a little contrast in between so it wasn’t so matchy matchy.

So I added a Mikassa English Countryside plate that echoes the design of the dinner plate without adding any color.

The soup bowl came next and the white salad plate sets it off nicely.

In the first picture above you can see where we are so far. The next step was adding napkins and napkin rings. I chose pottery napkin rings that echo the earthy tones. Then I used a combination of two different napkins. The inner napkin matches the tablecloth and the outer napkins picks up the green in the tablecloth and the dishes. Just put one over the other allowing a little extra overlay of the inner napkin and scoop them up into the napkin holder. Then we add silverware and crystal glasses and the table is complete.

Here’s a closer look at the napkins and the silver and glassware. Everything was thrifted except the glasses which are Rosenthal crystal that I’ve had since before I was married. The silverware is Roger’s Remembrance silver plate (thrifted).

I was really happy with how this Fall tablescape came together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some seasonal variety and a pretty table to enhance those great Fall meals.

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