Fall could be my favorite season. The colors, the briskness in the air and the wonderful foods that spring up when the weather gets a little cooler. Red isn’t just for Christmas. There is red in so much of our Fall landscape that I thought it would be nice to bring it to the table.

This tablescape started with the tablecloth I recently purchased from Goodwill. My local store does a really good job with the linen section making it easy to peruse the stock and find what you’re looking for or just something that catches your eye. I loved the muted tones of red, gray and white in this checkered cloth. As always, I checked for spots or tears and when I saw the tablecloth was in good condition, I purchased it for $2.25.

I started the place setting with a red woven charger. Next came Mikassa’s English Countryside dinner plate. I used the red salad/dessert plate as the next layer. The salad plates are made in Germany and have a simple structure that goes well with the more complicated border of the Mikassa plate.

A cloth maple leaf served as a base for the apple napkin ring. The checked napkin in red and white echo the table cloth and pull the colors together. I had the napkin drape over the plate stack in a casual style.

Tablecloth, charger, dinner plates, salad plates, maple leaves, apple napkin rings, and napkins were all thrifted items. A word on this. When you go to the Thrift store it’s good to have color schemes, desired items, etc. in mind. I don’t have a lot of orange in my home so I would be less likely to pick up something orange even if it was a great deal.

Next came the glasses. These are both beautiful hand blown sets that are very heavy and solid. They do not match exactly but have similar colors and stems. I bought them at different times at different thrift stores. You can find this type of glass in different colors fairly often although I haven’t found any as substantial as these in some time. They have a Colonial feel to them that is good for a casual or a more formal setting.

I added simple crystal candlesticks and silver gray candle sticks to the table. In between them I placed a tin watering can planter that holds a rosemary plant. The plant adds it’s fragrance to the table and enhances the meal.

All of the above items were also found at thrift stores. The silverware I’ve had for a long time.

So look through your thrifted stash and see what you can come up with. Supplement your thrifting finds with things you have on hand and let your creativity carry you into this great Fall season.

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