Don’t you just love Fall? The riot of colors, falling leaves, the harvest bounty and family gatherings make Fall one of the most enjoyable times of the year. All the colors, patterns and textures come together and somehow create a cohesive and pleasing look for your table.

For this tablescape I started with the table cloth. $3.00 at Goodwill. It has beautiful colors in rich tones that go well with Autumn. I brought it home and threw it in the wash. It laundered beautifully.

I decided to concentrate on the centerpiece next. With Covid being so prevalent we don’t go out any more than necessary so I decided to shop my house.

I found a birch bark cornucopia that I bought years ago. I wanted to keep the natural look to the table so added some porcelain pumpkins and placed them so they spilled out of the birch bark and trailed down the table…just a little. I recently found two pine cone steel candle holders that worked well with that natural look.

I tucked some little porcelain woodland animals near the cornucopia and sprinkled some cloth leaves down the center of the table. It’s a woodland riot of Fall color.

Next I laid down leaf placemats in multiple Autumn colors. A bronze charger was placed on top of the leaf placemat. It seemed to intensify the colors in the table cloth. I found the Autumn napkins in my stash and they fit right in with the rich colors of the theme. They are textured with ferns and leaves. Although not the exact color as the table cloth, they blend in well.

Next I used pottery plates as the base of the plate stack. Each one is a different color but fits in with the color scheme. A crackle plate from Pier 1 ties all the place settings together. A small squash was added to each place setting to reinforce the Harvest theme.

I used fiddle head stainless from Pottery Barn. I didn’t get a great picture but the bottoms are curved like fiddle head ferns. Quite attractive and again fits in with the nature/harvest theme. You can see them in the first picture of the blog.

The final element was the green pottery beaker and pottery wine glass. Earth tones and that grounded feeling you get from pottery enhanced the natural feel of the tablescape.

Thrifted Items: table cloth, place mats, chargers, pottery plates, crackle plates, ceramic pumpkins, ceramic woodland creatures and green beakers.

The wine glasses, napkins, and stainless steel I had.

This came together easily and was fun to put together. I really enjoyed all the rich tones and patterns that somehow worked. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. Things don’t have to match exactly to create a memorable setting for your gathering. Be guided by the things you love and it will turn out great.

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