Summer in the garden is moving forward. Melons are ripening and we’re harvesting beans but it is August. In August things slow down outside. It’s hot and humid and plants are kind of left to fend for themselves. I get out there every few days but we have had a lot of projects in the works that we want to finish by the end of the Summer.

We put a new screen porch on the back of the house and have been really enjoying morning coffee on the screen porch.

Our newest project is restoring two twin iron beds from the 1800’s. They have brass accents and a Flour de Lis pattern in the iron. They also have a bowed front. They come with a headboard, footboard and connecting rails.

These are the rails. They had an inch of dirt and several layers of paint. We are in the process of cleaning and sanding prior to repainting. I think they will be really nice when they are finished.

The beds were acquired at one of our local thrift stores. It’s different shopping now. We have stayed in most of the time but venture out for the grocery store and an occasional shopping expedition. Found these right after they were put out and swept them up. Even in their dilapidated condition they were worth far more than we paid. A little blood, sweat and tears and they will be a treasure.

We’ve also been doing some cooking and made some pasta from scratch recently. Haven’t done this in years but it was quite fun. Made some fresh tomato sauce, really simple, to go with it. Quite delicious and we froze the rest for future use.

Lastly, if anyone recognizes this pattern, could you let me know. Will post the progress on the beds as we go along. Have a great week.

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