The Hydrangea are starting to bloom and the garden is filling with a variety of flowers. I love this time of year because I can pick and still have plenty of blooms remaining outside to keep the garden colorful.

Camellias and Gladiolas are also blooming. The camellias smell heavenly and are so beautifully formed. They don’t last long but we really enjoy them when they’re blooming.

Also have some vegetable and fruit additions. We have been pretty fortunate in the weather. A few bad storms did some damage in the vegetable garden but the plants came back and we’re starting to harvest.

Peas have been coming in for a week or two.

We’ve been adding them to stir fry dishes. Then, on the right, a new dish with roasted vegetables and sage that made a great squash soup. I’ll be posting that recipe soon.

Now the blueberries are starting to ripen. Picked the first ones today. Raspberries are not far behind. Love this time of year.

Hope you are all enjoying your gardens as well during these difficult times.

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