The garden is doing really well. You can see the lettuce and spinach, the peas and chives. In the back on the left are trellised wild raspberries. Wild raspberry bushes are bullies in the garden and you have to keep them cut back. However, in the Spring I let them grow and vine.

Those little white buds will be flowers soon and then they will be raspberries. So I let the vines grow as long as they are loaded with blossoms. Last year they weren’t, this year they are. We love raspberries.

I have strawberries growing in the back. These spring up from compost and last Fall and again in the Spring I made some room in the garden for them to grow. We’ll see how many strawberries we get from these volunteer plants.

Have harvested some lettuce and spinach a couple of times already and today was able to fill the sink with leaves harvested from the lettuce and spinach plants. We’ll enjoy them for dinner.

This week we added some squash plants to the garden and some pots of herbs. Everything seems happy so far. Tomorrow it’s going to warm up a little so will be out there planting bush bean seeds. They did well last year. You’re supposed to plant some every two weeks so you get a staggered harvest. We’ll see how that goes. We ate a lot of fresh beans last year and they were really good.

Hope some of you will have the opportunity to grow a few vegetables. It’s really satisfying to put something on the table that you have grown yourself. Give it a try. Lots of vegetables can be grown in pots on patios or decks. Start with a large pot, some good soil, a couple of plants or seeds and remember to water appropriately.

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