Took this photo this morning. The Lady Banks Roses are making quite a show in the front of the house. Masses of yellow blooms welcome visitors (no visitors now) to the front door.

The back yard is gorgeous with flowering trees and bushes. Spring flowers are up and seem to encourage exploration and wandering about enjoying the blooms.

Azaleas, Mountain Laurel and ornamental trees are blooming.

Lemon Balm has beautiful vibrant green leaves and a delicate lemon taste and smell. I use this in lots of dishes and drinks. Several plants are springing up in the herb garden.

Oregano, a standard in Italian dishes, adds a spicy lift to your meals.

Parsley is starting to sprout. It reseeds every year so we can enjoy it without replanting.

Sage and……

Thyme are wonderful additions to the culinary herbs that can be used every day in a variety of ways. This particular variety of thyme has a tangy lemon flavor.

Most of these herbs come back every year. It makes them even more terrific as choices for your garden.

Hope these pictures bring a little Spring to all those confined to home.

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