Lady Banks Roses Through the Railing

The Lady Banks Roses are blooming all across the front of the house. These are small perfect blooms and climb on trellises. They are early bloomers and bring a “ray of sunshine” to the garden with their happy yellow color.

You can see that they have multiple blooms from a single point on the vine. These are fast growers and do need to be cut back several times a year. They grow best in direct sunlight. They are also thornless which adds to their appeal.

The Tulip Magnolia is now filling in leaves around the blossoms. The blossoms are starting to shed their petals as as we progress further into Spring.

My Snowball bushes are especially full this year. They are just beginning to turn white and in another week will be a mass of white balls….hence the name.

You can see how many blossoms are on this one bush. There are two others in the back, both mini snowball blossoms. They are not quite as far along. Then there is one in front that blooms a little later.

I have these really delicate cascading blue flowers that drape themselves over rocks or bricks. Love the color as there are not a lot of plants with true blue flowers.

The pyracantha has wonderful clusters of red berries that are vibrant against the green background.

Really, Spring is a veritable feast for the eyes. Hope you enjoy.

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