Peas are growing by leaps and bounds in the garden. It’s quite heartening to go outside and see the growth of new vegetables this early in the season. In a few short weeks we will be adding peas to our dinners and salads. Truly amazing.

The flower garden is really starting to come alive with hydrangea leafing out and the lilacs beginning to blossom. They smell wonderful.

Can’t remember what these are called. I think they are a kind of verbena but two days ago they were not blooming and now they are. You can also see the yarrow beginning to come up.

The phlox is spreading and you can see oregano, sage and rosemary in this picture. It’s great to be able to cook with more herbs now than what we could in the winter. I even have French Tarragon ready to pick. Makes all your meals taste so much fresher when you can use herbs from the garden.

Last, but not least, I’m teaching myself to crochet from Youtube videos. This is going to be a scarf using variegated yarn and mostly double crochets. Started with a sweater pattern and realized that was a little too ambitious to begin so scaled back to a scarf. However, am holding on to the sweater pattern as it is very cute.

Hope you are all finding useful and interesting things to do at home. Stay in and stay safe.

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